Our mission is to make a positive impact on British enterprise and we need your help!

What would you do to make Britain the most enterprising nation in the world?

About Growth Britain

At Prelude, our mission is to make Britain the most enterprising nation in the world.

Britain was once productive, industrialised and innovative, but it seems we've lost our confidence, our sense of identity and purpose. To put it simply, we've lost our mojo, and we need your help!

Growth Britain is Prelude's latest initiative to inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK. We invite you to pitch your ideas and offer practicable solutions that you believe would drive growth and positively shape the British enterprise landscape.

"It's easy to spot what's not working, but what's much harder is to see what might be done to help drive growth." Duncan Cheatle - Founder Prelude Group

Join the debate! If you have a feasible idea that will help make Great Britain, Growth Britain, have your say, then share it with your network to garner further support. Alternatively comment and support the ideas already posted that you feel the most passionate about. Those with the best contributions and the greatest impact, will be invited to join Lord Young and Duncan Cheatle at a round table discussion at Number 10 Downing Street in early 2014 to debate what needs to be changed and what can be implemented.

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Let's make Great Britain, Growth Britain!