Leverage 'alternative' types of investors

SEIS has been just one example of the UK government trying to stimulate investment - and in many ways it has worked. In practical ways it only really makes sense for those of a high net worth where opportunities to write off an investment against a large looming tax bill represents an attractive alternative (plus all the other associated benefits of SEIS, including relief on Capital Gains, etc).
However I'd also like to see some extra initiatives to stimulate the 'smaller' investor and encourage independent mentors to step forward and foster innovation. To encourage the £1k-£25k 'cherubs' - not angels - to support new concepts through to production. It seems there is a fair amount of disposable cash which doesn't exactly generate much of a return in the bank, not to mention lousy annuities. So I suggest we encourage those sitting on enough disposable cash to justify a diversified 'punt' in startups, through tax breaks - relative to total earnings/wealth and investment. It would be useful to see new experience and veteran wisdom offered to optimistic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs but we need to concentrate on nurturing the skills of the investor as well as preparing entrepreneurs for pitching.
Seedrs, KickStarter, CrowdCube and co. have done a lot to help in this space but I hope to see more taking place in more traditional (offline) investment 'arenas'.
Jack Symons, Treetops BD | Wed 11th Dec 2013 at 14:27

One of our favourite ideas!