Encourage more Internships

One of the best sources of talent and growth for our business has been Internships.

Encouraging closer connections between entrepreneurial businesses and schools/ colleges would help.

Positioning to graduates/ school leavers what life is like in a fast growing company and providing easy channels/ incentives for them to work with early stage businesses would bring benefits for fresh talent and growing businesses.
Caspar Craven, Trovus | Fri 13th Dec 2013 at 10:09


I fully agree with this proposal. Personally, I have done 6 internships during my studies and each of them has helped me to assess what I would like to do and what I don't like to do.

To be fair, growing up most of us are heavily influenced by our peers / parents / teachers / the society on what we should do and what not. I have tried to meet their expectations for years until I realized that I won't become happy with my life until I fully focus on what I want. Figuring that out took me almost 10 years, so the earlier you start the better it is, I believe.
Lu Li, House of Li | Fri 13th Dec 2013 at 14:13

I quite agree and have been trying to make connections / gain interns / placements through this year with little success to date! Hopefully things are about to change, but my experience has shown little sense of urgency from the education sector - it needs some drive and backup to get these intelligent and potentially highly motivated individuals into a real working / entrepreneurial environment - this could really help make Great Britain really Growth Britain!
nick broom, PVL UK ltd | Mon 16th Dec 2013 at 13:34

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