Make University Sandwich Courses Mandatory

A university degree no longer makes a candidate stand out from the crowd with over 50% of young people opting to go university after studying at A Level.
Instead, employers are finding that the candidates have a wealth of theoretical knowledge that they have never put into practice and often struggle to adapt to real life business situations.

I believe that sandwich courses should be the degree standard - you study for two years, have a year in industry (full time and paid) and then go back to university to complete your final year. This allows students to put theory into practice, increase their skill set, build their CV and put themselves in good stead to get a job after graduating.

I completed a sandwich course and many SMEs were offering full time paid opportunities. I gained a huge amount of experience, paid off my overdraft during the year and subsequently was offered a job once I graduated.

This is a win-win for students and SMEs looking for a pool of fresh talent to hire from. If you are a business owner, get involved with universities in your area!
Gemma Roberts, The Supper Club | Wed 22nd Jan 2014 at 13:18